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Hello and thank you for taking interest in booking with Lit Events. Your inquiry will be answered and responded to within 24 hours of submission. Please fill out all parts of this form in its entirety to ensure we have all information about your event.


For Events that Lit Events services, we ensure our client is our number one priority and make sure you have everything you desire to make your event Lit! To better serve you as a company we will follow up after this questionnaire is returned with a contract and invoice to secure your date and services needed for your event.


Each contract requires a non-refundable deposit to be paid that secures your date and time, as well as gives you details for your event. 


Should you decide to extend any services outside of the contract the day of the event it is the event manager's discretion to guarantee that or not as stated in the contract. 


Should you need to change anything before the event you can reach me at (475)500-2382 so that we can update the contract and note all changes. 


We thank you again for Choosing Lit Events to ensure that your event is Lit!!! 

With Gratitude, 

    Kareem E.


02:30 PM
Will the event be Indoors or Outdoors?
If you are looking to rent the 360 Photo Booth or Stationary Photo Booth, Will you have proper electrical outlets to support? (110v 5 amps, 3 prong outlets on a dedicated circuit)

Thank you for your submission!


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